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Your dedicated app home for your podcast

Make your 2Cents home your own.


Tell new listeners about your podcast in a recorded welcome trailer at the top of your profile, customize color schemes and more. 

A voice mailbox for your podcast

Meet your listeners where they are and let them talk to you in the moment.

Listeners can leave you direct voice messages through our app.   

2Cents sends you the .wav file so you can add the voice of your audience into your episodes!


Audio Commenting


Create a more engaging atmosphere by connecting with your audience through audio podcast comments.

Engage your audience before, during or after an episode in audio comment conversations under episodes.

Audio files are sent directly to you to incorporate into future episodes!

Your own
Call To Action

Use dedicated space in your 2Cents home to promote sponsorships and other monetization opportunities.


It is controlled completely by you so there are no conflicts or interest or contradictory ads. 

And, when a set of comments builds, we serve it to your audience again!


Reward your Audience for listening and participating!

With integrations across a variety of rewards and achievement systems, run raffles, giveaways and polls right from 2Cents.

Reward your community with everything from Merch to Sponsored Discounts to NFTs!

Robust Listener Analytics to help you learn and grow

Find out where your listeners start, stop and skip. 


Find the best topics and highest engagement through our episode by episode, second by second analytic insights.

Reward your most loyal listeners with a data driven program!

Are you a Podcaster? Don't Wait! 
Sign up for our exclusive Podcast claim list now!

Thanks for joining!

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