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We help you unlock the potential of your podcast community 

The human voice is supremely powerful. As podcasting continues to be a mega-popular source of entertainment, information and connection, we felt it was time to finally launch an app that lets podcast creators hear what their listeners have to say.


We’re on a mission to become the go-to podcasting app for creators and their communities by offering unlimited ways to ignite Community, Conversations and Culture. 


If you’re a creator, head to our creator page for all we have to offer.

If you’re a listener, check out our listener page to see how you can engage with your favorite podcasts

Interested in joining forces with our team? Keep scrolling.

Whether you're a hobbyist or professional, 
become a

Want to learn more about how your podcast would thrive on the 2Cents platform?

Thanks for your interest in 2Cents. We will be in touch shortly so we can start unlocking the potential of your podcast community!

To get a head start, preview our beta app.

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